This is the general product warranty on all our products. For more information, please refer to your product's instruction manual.

JC Global, Inc. warrants your product for a period of 12 months parts, labor, or replacement from the date of purchase. It is at JC Global, Inc.'s discretion to repair or replace. The customer is responsible for any shipping costs.


If initial failure occurs within 90 days (or within retailers return policy period), item should be returned to retailer where it was purchased. After 90 days (or after retailers return policy period), please contact a customer service representative for warranty details. Any obligations for services and parts under the warranty must be performed by JC Global, Inc.'s authorized service center. Please call our Customer Service line for authorization at 1-866-277-7878. At the time you call Customer Service for warranty service, proof of purchase (copy of receipt) will be required in order to determine the correct purchase date and the length of warranty coverage.